ASUS showed a 17-inch foldable tablet

At CES 2022, which was held these days, ASUS surprised everyone and showed a full-fledged foldable tablet. The 17-inch device can be used both for entertainment and for work.

ZenBook 17 Fold, despite the impressive diagonal, can be easily folded in half and hidden in a small bag or even a pocket. The user will be able to use each half of the screen separately, for example, the lower part as a keyboard notebook or to view two different windows simultaneously.

Although the device's main feature is a folding screen, it uses quite a powerful "iron." So, "under the hood" of the tablet is cozily placed an unknown new Intel chip, which will work with a terabyte SSD hard drive and 16GB RAM. The device will also come preinstalled with Windows 11. It is not yet clear whether it will go to mass production or is just an example of using a foldable display outside of mobile devices.