Google told about the operating system for low-cost smartphones Android 12 Go Edition

The Android Mobile 12Go operating system will appear on some more cheap smartphones next year, especially suited for this part of the device. On this occasion, Google announced all the important features that the system will receive.

According to the corporation's representatives, the smartphone will run much faster with the new OS. In particular, the start-up time of applications will be reduced by 30% compared to the previous version, and the animation will be better and smoother. Particular attention has been paid to optimization so that the autonomy of the devices seriously exceeds the level of devices based on Android 11.

The developer has not given up on security issues. Therefore, the user can choose the degree of access or any application and control the use of applications of smartphone functions. A special statistics section of the system will provide comprehensive information about the smartphone's functions, which were accessed through a special program.