Xiaomi 12 broke the sales launch record, raising $283 million

On December 28, 2020, Mi 11 smartphones worth $ 236 million were purchased in the first five minutes of sales. Over a year later, Xiaomi managed to break the record with 12 and even more impressive numbers. It took 300 seconds for the phone to make 28 283 million in China.

According to previous research, consumers liked the novelty. The new powerful chip Snapdragon 8 Gen1 allows a solution to extremely difficult tasks. Thanks to the improved temperature control technology, even when using the smartphone to the maximum, its temperature will not exceed 43.5 ° C.

To date, around the world, you can buy three versions of the device. With a base price starting at 5 580, the Pro version will cost a minimum of 73 737, and the S version can be purchased for 50 502. The color palette of smartphones is limited to purple, blue, and black.