How to customise perpetually On show on Your OnePlus Phone
Despite being late to the game with the introduction of always-on display, OnePlus now has one of the best implementations of any smartphone UI. First launched in OxygenOS 11, Always-On Display mode now has a lot more depth in terms of customization and style.

OnePlus has gone even deeper with its always-on display designs in OxygenOS 12 and 13. If you've updated your phone to a new build, here's what you need to know about all that OnePlus has to offer with different AOD styles and options.

What Is Always on Display and How Do I Enable It?
Being able to quickly look at the time or notifications on your phone's show while not choosing it up may be a convenience created potential because of the forever On show feature. Most major smartphone OEMs offer this practicality, some in additional ornamental and customizable ways that than others.

Since AOD mode only illuminates the required pixels, it has less of an impact on battery life than you might expect, assuming your phone has an AMOLED display. Some Android skins make good use of this feature, and OxygenOS is one that gives you a big bucket of styles to mess around with.

To alter the perpetually On show on your OnePlus phone:
  1. Open the Settings app and go to Wallpapers and Styles.
  2. From the grid of different UI items you can customize, tap Always On Display.
  3. Finally, tap the Always-On Display toggle to turn the feature on.
What Is Always on Display and How Do I Enable It
Here is additionally wherever you'll customise the AOD vogue to fit your desires. OxygenOS thirteen additionally brings music playback management and delivery pursuit data, each of which may be enabled below the discourse data tab.

Other general options you can tweak include time limits to schedule around Always-On Display, choosing which information is displayed, and whether or not new notifications appear on AOD.
What Is Always on Display and How Do I Enable It
How to Customize the Always On Display?
There are seven unique types of Always On Display styles and a total of 11 that you can choose between. Each of these styles has some degree of customization, so just make sure you spend a little time getting things right.
How to Customize the Always On Display
1. Traditional Clock AOD
Sometimes you just need simplicity to get a point across, which is exactly what the default AOD styles in OxygenOS do. With big and bold text for the digital watch or thick and well-defined hands for the analog watch options, this always-on display style always looks great. There is a good selection of styles that use discrete fonts and design layouts that you can choose from.

2. Bitmoji AOD
Introduced with the discharge of OxygenOS eleven, Bitmoji AOD has got to be one in every of the a lot of distinctive approaches to the present industry-defining customary static time and notification components. If you are taking nice pride in customizing your Bitmoji avatar on Snapchat and styling it with fancy threads, OxygenOS enables you to place it front and center on your phone's show.

You'll need to link your Bitmoji account in the Always On Display option for this to work, and any changes you make to your avatar should be instantly reflected on your AOD. What makes this feature stand out even more is the customizable nature of your Bitmoji.

You will see more than a dozen different stickers of your avatar performing different activities. Try playing music on your phone and watch your Bitmoji avatar move the next time you lock your device!

3. Canvas AOD
Canvas AOD was additionally one thing that OnePlus bundled within the initial unleash of its always-on show practicality in OxygenOS. Since then, the feature has been updated to discover even additional designs and higher edges.

Canvas AOD works particularly well with human subjects, like portraits or selfies with sensible lighting. Once applied, you'll be able to make a choice from one or two of define and color choices. this may mechanically set the initial, unchanged image as your regular wallpaper, therefore the transition can look even additional satisfying.

4. Custom Patterns
Custom Patterns
It's easily the most playful of the bunch. You can choose from a handful of shapes, brush styles, and colors to draw your pattern. The best part — it animates exactly as you draw as you build it.

Patterns are created harmoniously, and you don't need to be particularly good at art to create something that will look great on your always-on display. There are two other similar AOD styles that let you type anything with a background image of your choice and leave it on display when your phone is idle.

5. Insight AOD
Adding useful user interface elements to the growing need for digital wellness tools like the new Focus mode on Android, Insight AOD is another always-on display style you can apply to your OnePlus phone. The display style consists of a vertical bar that changes color and includes a space showing your screen time habits throughout the day.

You'll conjointly realize a handy unlock counter below the time bar which will assist you keep your phone addiction in restraint. Insight AOD could be a okay thought out and superbly designed close show different.

6. Omoji AOD
Omoji AOD
Omoji is OnePlus' in-house Animoji rip-off, allowing users to create an avatar that's just like them. You can create an Omoji using the long list of customizable styles in OxygenOS 13 and set it as your phone's always-on display.

The applied Omoji can then play one of three preset short animations whenever your phone kicks in its always-on display. This, along with the custom pattern and canvas AOD, is a different style found only on OnePlus and Oppo phones.

7. Home AOD
Home AOD brings both a beautiful nature scene and an environmental social message to your phone's ambient display. If you're on OxygenOS 13, you'll have to choose either a fierce polar bear, a cute penguin, or a curious fish to be your new companion while your phone is locked.

Explore Everything OxygenOS 13 Has to Offer
OnePlus has always managed to strike a perfect balance between both functionality and design with its recent advancements in on-display features. With such a wide range of AOD styles, including traditional watch faces, to more artistic alternatives, there's something for everyone.

This isn't the sole space of improvement that OnePlus devices have seen within the recent past. If you've got received the OxygenOS thirteen update on your phone, there is a ton to explore and revel in with the updated interface.