How to pair Bluetooth headphones to your Wear OS smartwatch?
A Wear OS smartwatch is a great tool for accessing notifications and staying connected to your smartphone even when it's out of reach. It can even route calls to your wrist when needed, a feature many people appreciate.

But sometimes, a small speaker inside a smartwatch just isn't enough, and connecting a set of Bluetooth headphones can improve your experience significantly. Here we have detailed the steps you have to follow to make this connection.

Note: A Bluetooth link also comes in handy if you leave your phone behind to listen to audio and work out with just your smartwatch.

Pair Your Headphones Through the Wear OS Bluetooth Menu
Once you have your Bluetooth headphones and Wear zilches smartwatch, follow the way below. We are using a Samsung Galaxy Watch, but the way should be analogous on other bias.

1. Swipe below on any watch face to access Quick Settings on Wear OS.

2. Swipe until you find the Bluetooth button and tap on it.

Pair Your Headphones Through the Wear OS Bluetooth Menu

3. Once inside the menu, your Wear zilches smartwatch can automatically search for available Bluetooth headphones( or earphones). We recommend staying for this original checkup to finish.

4. After the initial search is over, put your headphones into pairing mode and press the Scan button.

5. Your headphone name should now appear. Tap on it and also confirm the pairing on the coming screen.

Pair Your Headphones Through the Wear OS Bluetooth Menu

Note: The Bluetooth icon may vary from one Wear OS smartwatch to another. On the Galaxy Watch 4, the menu uses headphones with the Bluetooth logo between the ear cups.

If you want to unlink your headphones, tap the gear icon next to the name tag. This will bring up the option to unpair the device. Also, if you want to customize the type of audio played on the headphones, you'll find toggles that enable or disable phone calls and media.

Pair Your Headphones Through the Wear OS Bluetooth Menu

Enhance your Wear OS smartwatch experience with Bluetooth headphones
By completing the steps above, you'll be able to stream audio or answer calls on your smartwatch. So, cutting any cords and making the device more functional.

You can further enhance your experience by trying out a variety of Wear OS apps available on the Play Store, and we urge you to give them all a shot.