How to Add Google Chrome Dinosaur Game to Your Android?
Losing your internet connection is usually a bad thing. But since the creation of Endless Runner, known simply as Chrome Dinosaur Game, it can actually be a lot of fun.

But did you know that if you have an Android device, there is a way to play the Chrome Dinosaur game from your home screen whenever your heart desires, even if your internet connection is stronger than ever.

What is Google Chrome Dinosaur Game?
Still, you presumably formerly know all about the Chrome Dinosaur game, If you've ever used Google Chrome as your internet cybersurfer. This is a funny game that will only appear if your device isn't connected to the internet. generally when this happens you have to stay a while, gaping at your blank screen until your device can make a secure connection.

What is Google Chrome Dinosaur Game?
During this time on Google Chrome, still, the Chrome Dinosaur game will help you pass the time. It's a evidently endless runner in which you authority a pixel dinosaur, your task is to press the vacancy bar or tap the screen to brio over cacti and duck under flying pterodactyls.

How can I add the Google Chrome Dinosaur Game To My Android Home Screen?
There are plenitude of profitable Google contraptions to add to your home screen, but the Chrome Dinosaur game is one of the classics. It's easy to get so focused in the game that it's actually a bit frustrating when your internet runner eventually loads, and you walk down from your implicit new high score.

If you want to avoid it at all costs and play the Chrome Dinosaur game to your heart's content, you can add it to your Android home screen as a widget. Here is the method:

How can I add the Google Chrome Dinosaur Game To My Android Home Screen?
  1. Go to your home screen and press and hold the space bar.
  2. Tap the Widgets button.
  3. Scroll to the Chrome section and tap to amplify it.
  4. Select and hold the Chrome Dinosaur widget.
  5. Drag it to the desired location on your home screen.

Now that the Chrome Dinosaur game is always ready, just tap it to play.

Enjoy the Chrome Dinosaur Game Whenever the Mood Strikes
What better way to kill time while waiting for an appointment or on public transport than with a Chrome Dinosaur game? Who knows, you might actually be able to beat the final boss and make it to the end of the seemingly infinite game since it's in hand all the time.