How to combine pictures on Android: 2 Easy way
There are numerous reasons why you might like to retain prints wing by wing, and if you like to do this on an Android device, you have several choices available to you.

There are numerous picture editing apps for Android that let you combine your prints. You can use one of these apps and display your prints side by side on your phone. We'll show you two ways to combine prints on Android in this companion. Let's begin.

1. Use Photoshop Express Photo Editor to Combine Picture on Android
Free Photoshop Express Photo Editor is one of the most popular print editing apps that you can use to combine prints on Android. The app lets you put your prints in several layouts, and you are free to select the bone you like.

To combine your photos on your Android phone with this app, download and install Adobe's Photoshop Express Photo Editor app on your device.

Download: Adobe Photoshop Express Photo Editor (Free, in-app purchases available)

Step 1: Install Photoshop Express Photo Editor
Launch the app and sign in to your Adobe account — if you don't have one, you can create a new one for free. To complete the setup process, grant the app storage permission by tapping OK and then selecting Permissions. You will now see your local photos on the home page of the app.

Install Photoshop Express Photo Editor
Step 2: Choose Your Photos
On the main app screen, valve the collage icon in the bottom-right corner and elect the prints you want to put together — tapping a print formerly will elect it. When you are done, tap the Coming icon in the nethermost right corner.

Choose Your Photos
Step 3: Combine the Pictures
By default, your photos will be combined in vertical order if you choose a grid layout for two or three photos, or four or more photos. To change this, tap any of the preview layouts in the bottom toolbar, so your photos appear side-by-side or in a layout of your choice. You can use two-finger pinch to adjust your photos.

When you're happy with the results, tap the Share icon on the top right. On the following screen, tap Save to Gallery to save your shared photo. Once the image is saved on your device, you will see a pop-up confirmation.

Combine the Pictures
On the last screen, you can share your shared photos directly to your social media accounts as well as email accounts.

Photoshop Express photo editor works, but it's more than just a photo merging app. There are many things you can do in Adobe Photoshop Express Photo Editor. If you prefer not to use Adobe, there are great alternatives to Adobe's image editing apps on Android.

2. Use Image Combiner to Combine Pictures on Android
Image Combiner — another free app is devoted to helping you combine images on your Android- grounded bias. With this app, you can elect any of your prints on your phone and keep them side byside.However, you will need to use Android Photo Blender apps if your Photoshop chops are over to par, If you want to overlay a print onto another print rather.

The app takes care of conforming your prints, so you do not need to manually move your prints around to make them look good. To use this app to combine images on your Android device, install the free Image Combiner app from the Google Play Store, also launch it and agree to its sequestration policy by tapping Yes, I Agree to continue. agree with

Download: Image Combiner (Free, in-app purchases available)

How to Combine Photos in Image Combiner?
Tap Add and select Add Photo at the bottom to add the photos you want to add.

How to Combine Photos in Image Combiner?
On the Add Photo From pop- up, elect Gallery and other sources. This will take you to your train director where you can view recent prints on your device. In the train director screen, valve the hamburger icon at the top left wing and elect Gallery. This will let you take a print from your gallery app.

Select the photos you want to combine into a single photo and tap Done at the top right.

How to Combine Photos in Image Combiner?
Once your photos are in the app, tap Combine Photos at the bottom. It places your photos together in a vertical orientation by default, but you can configure how your photos are aligned. For example, if you prefer Horizontal orientation, select Horizontal to combine your photos in that order. Select the option you like and tap Save.

Enter a name for your new shared photo, and tap OK. Your Picture will be saved in the Gallery app.

Picture will be saved in the Gallery app
Still, open the app, valve the three blotches on the top right, If you suppose the image quality is not what you anticipated. You'll see an option that says Dereliction Image Quality. Tap this option to choose the quality of your participated prints. Keep in mind that the advanced the quality you choose for your prints, the larger your prints will be.

Keep Pictures Side by Side on Android Devices
If you want to combine photos on your Android phone, you don't need to rely on a desktop app as there are apps that let you do it right on your phone. The only caveat is that you can't overlay a photo onto another photo using these apps — you can only place them side by side.

Merging photos is just one way you can create new photos on Android. There are apps that enable you to animate your photos.