Google gives Pixel Superfans 100 cool, Intense reasons to recommend the phone to their friends
What is better than a lustrous rearmost Pixel 7 or Pixel 7 Pro smartphone? If you said" someone differently has to pay for it", we love your pocketbook. While both of these phones are solid values, and have formerly seen some inconceivable deals, Google's rearmost creation can score you one for absolutely free — as long as you can move your musketeers to buy one. Do it.

Pixel Superfans are being invited to join the Google Store Referral Program. They get a law to lot with musketeers who are interested in picking up the new Pixel 7, Pixel 7 Pro, or indeed the Pixel 6a. After the friend completes their sale, Google won't only shoot them a$ 100 Google Store law, which can be redeemed on a unborn steal, but also give the same$ 100 credit to Superfan. As long as you can search enough musketeers to buy the new phones, actors can rehearse this up to 10 times, earning themselves$,000 in the process — further than enough for that unused Pixel.

Google gives Pixel Superfans
Still not feeling motivated? Will some swag help change your mind? The first time a friend buys a phone with your code, Google will hook you up with a Superfan prize pack, including a pin, hat, and water flask.

Still, but presume you are present to take on the obligation of living this kind of demanding life, go ahead and fill out Google's check to beginning the program, If you are not a Pixel Superfan yet.