How to Join the Google Pixel Superfans Community?
Still," Someone should make a secret Pixel addict club where we get wastes and stuff," good news! Google has such a club, If you've ever looked at your Pixel phone and study. It's called Pixel Superfans, where apparel is voluntary. Let's take a near look.

What is Pixel Superfans?
Pixel Superfans is a private community of bones-hard Pixel possessors. These are the kind of people who chitter about the rearmost Pixel news and post their studies and prints about their Pixel bias as a hobbyhorse. They transude passion, and you can feel it in their content.

These are the kind of people that Pixel Superfans was made for. According to Google:

" We were inspired to produce this program because we know numerous of you love Pixel as much as we do, and we wanted to produce a place where we can get to know each other."

If you fancy yourself an advocate for the Pixel brand and want to interact with other like-minded fans, consider signing up. You can even get paid to spread the word about all things Pixel. But first, let's see how to become a member of Pixel Superfans.

How to Become a Pixel Superfans Member?
As of March 2023, Pixel Superfans class is only eligible for USresidents.However, visit the Pixel Superfans check runner, If you live in the United States and want to join. Fill in information similar as your name, posting address, and birthday.

How to Become a Pixel Superfans Member?
You'll also need to fill in information such as "what an ideal day in your life looks like," your social handles, the Google products you currently use, etc.

You must state whether you are a government employee or a member of the press—checking either disqualifies you from membership. You can also be disqualified for other reasons, from working at a public university to being a member of the royal family. The survey page has all the details about who can join and who is not eligible.

Is It Worth Joining This Community?
Inclusion comes with its benefits. One of them is access to a private superfan Facebook group for those who haven't left Facebook for good yet. You also get access to exclusive in-person and virtual events like question-and-answer sessions with teams that keep fans taunting.

Is It Worth Joining This Community?
Members also have access to wares, loot and openings to try out forthcoming products and features. It happed in March 2023 when Pixel Superfans were among the first to try Google's experimental conversational AI, Bard. Members also partake their opinions on the current state of Pixel bias, what they'd like to see in unborn bias, and more.

As a member, you may also be invited to join the Google Store Referral Program. Android Police reported in November 2022 that once you join the referral program, you can shoot a law to a friend in the request for hot deals on Pixel phones.

When they use the code on an eligible model at checkout (in November 2022, eligible devices were the Pixel 6a, Pixel 7, and Pixel 7 Pro), you'll both get $100 and exclusive Pixel Superfans swag! Pixel Superfans can do this up to 10 times, for a cool $1000.

Is It Worth Joining This Community?
Membership is always free. You can engage as little or as often as you like. If you're invited to a live event, know that Google won't pay for travel and other accommodations. It notes on the survey page that they will clarify whether you are financially responsible for any perks or treats.

Keep in mind that Google has a policy regarding posting about impulses on social media. It says you must use the hashtag #GiftsFromGoogle on every post and may urgency to mention your alliace with Google.

Pixel Superfans: The Ultimate Stand for Superfans
Pixel Superfans get to show off forthcoming features that some people have access to while wearing a swish" Pixel Superfan" baseball cap. Let the world know that you've bent the cognizance of Google's engineering and design brigades and told them what you suppose of Pixel bias. You're bound to impress someone.

Still, Google wants you, If you ’re the type of person that wears the brands they love on their shirt sleeve and advocate for them just for humor. And you want Google. Consider a class to Pixel Superfans, and go — be among your people!