Think Your Phone Is Being Monitored? How To Track Out Who Is Listening
Numerous smartphone apps may be harkening to you in the background. With cellular data networks and wireless network technologies like Bluetooth, bushwhackers can also commandeer your phone. Thanks to analogous wireless technologies, acyber-attacker can listen in on your phone calls by ever cranking your smartphone's microphone. still, it's possible to help them with a many veritably simple way.

How Hackers Can Eavesdrop Your Smartphone?
Wiretapping is a long-standing method used by prosecutors, intelligence agencies, and courts, especially to uncover crimes. However, malicious individuals or groups can also eavesdrop on your phone. Wire tapping can be classified as:

  • Listening to switchboard channels.
  • Listening to transmission channels.
  • Listening to a mobile device.

As an end user, it is difficult for you to intervene and take precautions in the first two ways because the operator company you use is in charge, not you. However, you can take precautions to take the third approach.

Wiretapping attacks have increased significantly thanks to the widespread use of smartphones. In a way, smartphones are no different than the computers you use in your home or office: A malicious attacker can use malware that targets a PC to target a phone as well. Sometimes, users may think their phones are being tapped and become suspicious. Many people try to reset their phone to eliminate possible damage.

It may not work, however. You will need professional technical analysis to ensure this. So, what can you do without the help of an expert?

With a DNS service, you can control your phone's background traffic and analyze malicious software communications that come and go without your knowledge.

How Does The DNS Service Work?
DNS is a arranggement for mapping IP addresses to URLs on a net. DNS acts like a hunt machine, telling guests which garçon they should connect to. When a customer wants to look up a specific address, it sends a request to the DNS garçon. It returns the applicable IP address for the customer request. Eventually, the customer connects to the asked address.

Malware designed by attackers listens in on your phone and then relays information received from your device to the attacker. For this they need active communication. That's why you can use DNS service to monitor the services your phone is contacting.

How to Monitor Your Phone Traffic with a DNS Service?
There are some simple yet effective ways to configure a DNS service. One of the easiest is to download a ready- made DNS to your computer and make the necessary configurations. Technitium DNS Garçon is an impressive, open substance, and free service that you can use for effects like this. You can download it from the sanctioned website and install it on your device.

Configuring the DNS service
After downloading Technitium DNS Garçon, you urgency to install it on a computer that's on your phone's network. After the installation is complete, you can open the DNS service dashboard.

If you receive a warning to change your password, you can turn it off or set a password for yourself.

Configuring the DNS service
You can enter the login share in the Settings tab. Enable the option to Log All Queries then. After that, you should click the Save Settings button at the bottom of the runner.

Configuring the DNS service
With this small change, you will have the opportunity to examine all requests that will reach the DNS service from the records.

How To Switch Off Your Firewall?
Your operating system's firewall might be suspicious because you might be doing some network-related operations. So you need to temporarily disable your firewall. If you want to use this DNS service all the time, you can also write a rule for your firewall. But for now, turn it off to see how things work. After the phone checks your DNS traffic, you can turn it back on.

From the Search section of your PC, open the Firewall and Network Protection page. Turn off the firewall for all listed options by clicking the Domain Network, Private Network, and Public Network options one by one.

How To Switch Off Your Firewall?
After this step, you can now beginning configuring your device to unite to the DNS service.

How to Connect Your Device to a DNS Service?
You can easily see your computer's IP address by opening a command window and using the ipconfig command. You will need this IP address to connect your phone to the DNS server.

Open CMD command prompt and enter down code. You will necessity an IPv4 address, which you can look here.


Now open Wi-Fi settings from your device. Modify the IP address of the DNS server with the IP address of your computer.

pen Wi-Fi settings from your device
How to Check for Suspicious Data Using Your DNS?
Now that you have connected your device to the DNS garçon, you can check the logfile.However, you will suddenly see dozens of different requests, If it's working duly. What you see then are some of the requests and responses that are continuously transferred from your phone.

How to Check for Suspicious Data Using Your DNS?

Since it's fragile to read all of them in a row, you can deflect to the dashboard and statistically examine the data table of all requests. Then, you can look the operations that shoot the most statiscts and the websites that constantly statement data from you to hear to your phone business.

How to Check for Suspicious Data Using Your DNS?

Now you can check all the requests that you presume are sceptical and statement a lot of data from you on the dashboard table.

How to Check for Suspicious Data Using Your DNS?

All that is left is to cancel the cybersurfer eyefuls you allow unwanted operations, clear your history if necessary, and manage the warrants you grant to operations. This way it's possible to descry malware. But you'll need professional and specialized support to do a deeper analysis.

Still, you should avoid apps that bear warrants over and beyond their purpose, and stay down from websites you do not know or trust. All these produce a communication network in the background of your smartphone.

Once you're done, don't forget to turn your firewall back on!

Enhance Your Phone's Security
The process of checking the data passing through your phone using your DNS server is simple but effective. And of course, you can configure DNS servers not only for your phone, but also track other devices you use.

Still, make sure you use a solid antivirus suite to ignore your bias and also turn to the experts for assist, If you really suspect that someone is harkening to your calls or else covering you. do