How to Transfer Files Between Android and Apple Phones Using Lan Drop?
Cross-platform file sharing is not easy. If you're an Android user, you know how cumbersome it can be to allot files between an Android phone and an iPhone, iPad, or Mac.

Sure, there are somecross-platform train sharing services that pledge to make it easy. But some of them bring plutocrat, while others aren't veritably dependable.

Landrup is an impunity. It's free, easy to use and facilitates briskly train replace between different platforms. Let's check out LANDrop and look how you can spend it to transfer lines between Android and iPhone, iPad and Mac.

What Is LANDrop?
Landdrop is a free, cross-platform file sharing tool. It lets you transfer files, such as photos, videos, documents, and other, between devices on the same local network or LAN.

Landdrop is presto, secure, and does not compress lines during transmission. All train transfers in LANDrop take place over a point- to- point connection, meaning no third- party waiters are involved to store your lines as part of the transmission process.

While it's best for use on your home or office Wi-Fi network, the app also supports transfer to a hotspot connection, which you can use when you're out and about or have regular Wi-Fi. Don't have access to the Fi network. It also does not use cellular data in the process.

We are buckle on participating lines between Android and Apple bias, but the app is too available for Windows and Linux.

Start With a LANDrop
First, you urgency the Land Drop app on the devices you like to share files between. Download it on your phones, tablets and laptops from the respective links underneath.

You can combine iOS and iPad apps from the App Store, but the Google Play Store does not host LANDrop. So, you necessity to download it from the official website and manually install the app on your Android device.

Download: LANDrop for Android | iOS | iPadOS | macOS | Windows | Linux (Free)

How to Transfer Files Between Android, iPhone and iPad with Land Drop?
Follow the way down to transfer lines from an Android smartphone to an iPhone or iPad, or from an iPhone or iPad to an Android device

  1. Unite the devices you sift to section files between to the same Wi-Fi network.
  2. Open the LANDrop app on your Android device and the entering device, similar as your Mac or iPhone.
  3. On the transferring device, valve the Gallery icon in the upper-right corner to add prints and vids from your phone's gallery. Alternately, tap the Train icon to add other train types from your internal or external storehouse.
  4. Tap the downward-pointing arrow next to Devices to see a list of all devices on the same local network.
  5. Then, valve on the device to which you want to transfer the named lines. You can search the name of the more device in the LANDrop app.
  6. How to Transfer Files Between Android, iPhone and iPad with Land Drop?
  7. On the entering device, you will see an entry in the Entering section. Press the green icon to accept the train and download it to your device.

If you're on an iPhone and the received file is a photo or video, it will be saved directly to the Photos app on your phone. If it's another file, you'll find it under the Downloads folder in the Files app.

In case of Android, the downloaded train is saved in the Downloads brochure anyhow of its type. You can also use a train director like lines by Google to pierce it.

How to Transfer Files Between Android and Mac with Land Drop?
Transferring Lines from Android to Mac involves the same set of way listed over. still, if you want to go the other way, then are the way you'll need to follow

  1. Manufacture sure both your Mac and Android device are on the same network.
  2. Launch Land Drop on Mac and your Android device.
  3. On your Mac, click the Land Drop icon in the menu bar and choose Send File(s).
  4. How to Transfer Files Between Android and Mac with Land Drop?
  5. Press the Add button and select the files you want to transfer. Alternatively, drag and drop files directly onto the Land Drop window.
  6. Click Send, and on the following screen, then select another device and press Send again.
  7. How to Transfer Files Between Android and Mac with Land Drop?
  8. On your Android device, accept the receiving prompt to acquire the shared file(s).

Again, the received files will be saved in the Downloads directory on your Android device. Similarly, if you've received a file on your Mac, it will be saved in the Downloads directory.

Still, it's possible to do so from the LANDrop settings, If you want to change the download position. Launch LandDrop on your Mac, gate its icon in the menu bar, and handpick Settings. From then, click the ellipsis button next to Download Path and choose your asked download directory.

 choose your asked download directory
Share Files Between Android and iPhone, iPad or Mac when you're out and about

Landdrop requires that you space both the sender and receiver on the same network in order to transfer and insert lines successfully. still, there will be times when you do not have a participated network to connect to, and you want to partake lines between an Android phone and an iPhone, iPad, or Mac.

In such a situation, you can use a hotspot connection to share files on the go with LANDrop. Just turn on the hotspot on your Android phone and connect to it on your other device. Once you do this, both devices will be on the same network, and you can then follow the same steps listed above to transfer files between your devices.

Note: It does not count whether you want to transfer lines from Android to Apple device or vice versa. Enabling hotspot on your Android works in both cases.

Troubleshoot Undetectable Device
If, for some reason, you don't see the other device in the LANDrop app, it might be because you're not connected to the same network. Keep in mind that it's the SSID that needs to be the same, so if you're connected to two different SSIDs on the same network, it won't work.

Likewise, make sure the entering device is also discoverable. On iPhone, go to the app and toggle on the Discoverable button if it's not formerlythere.However, go to Settings and check the box next to Discoverable, If it's a Mac.

Easily transfer files between Android, iPhone, iPad, and Mac
LANDrop makes it easy to transfer lines between your Android phone and other bias, as you've seen over. It does not count if you are outdoors or outside — without an Internet connection — you can still use LANDrop to fluently partake lines.

And Landrop also tasks with Windows and Linux desktops. So if you use like of them, you can seamlessly transfer lines reverse and forth between them. Dissimilar platforms also do not job well together, but LANDrop makes it a breath — and it's free and unlock source, too.