How to Use Bing AI Chat on Your Android Device Keyboard?
Microsoft seriously wants you to make use of its Bing AI chatbot. The company has integrated it into the Bing app, Skype, and now Microsoft SwiftKey for Android bias. But is that enough to make you shift from your most liked keyboard app, like Gboard?

Let's take a see at how you can use the Bing ChatGPT chat tool on Android right from within your keyboard.

How to Set Up SwiftKey On Your Android Device?
To acquire started, install Microsoft SwiftKey Beta from Google Play. Yup, it should be a beta explanation. As of April 2023, Bing AI Chat is only obtainable in SwiftKey beta.

Next, open SwiftKey to set up a keyboard on your Android phone. Enable SwiftKey > Select SwiftKey > Press Finish up. Then, follow the on-screen instructions that appear.

How to Set Up SwiftKey On Your Android Device?
Note that during setup, you will be asked to subscribe in to your Microsoft account. This is voluntary, but you need to do this to pierce Bing Chat. And anyhow, if you decide to use SwiftKey as your phone's main keyboard, we explosively encourage you to subscribe in.

That is for the reason that SwiftKey itself says that the keyboard's learned language data( that is, the unique way you text musketeers and family) is backed up to your Microsoft account and your other Can sync across bias. Your downloaded themes and statistics( similar as the most constantly used emojis and indeed the subjects you text about the most) are also backed up then.

How to Entrance Bing AI From the Keyboard?
To pierce Bing AI, valve the Bing icon when your on- screen keyboard appears. The icon is coming to the" GIF" icon at the top left wing of the keyboard.

How to Entrance Bing AI From the Keyboard?
Three sections will appear at the apex of the keyboard:

  • Search
  • Tone
  • Chat

How to Entrance Bing AI From the Keyboard?
Let’s Test Bing Chat in SwiftKey for Android
If you want the standard Bing AI chatbot experience to find movie times or as a companion app to run your Dungeons and Dragons campaign online, access Bing AI Chat via Chat. Then, choose a conversation style based on the type of response you want. You can either type your query or speak by tapping the microphone icon.

We asked the Bing AI chatbot to provide us with movie times near us, and it did not disappoint. Continue to ask him/her questions or queries to get more information about the same topic. Or tap the "broom" icon to start a new conversation about something completely different.

Let’s Test Bing Chat in SwiftKey for Android
Bing AI Is Now Only One Tap Away Thanks to Microsoft SwiftKey
Integrating Bing AI into SwiftKey itself may be a stroke of brilliance on Microsoft's portion. Who really thinks to untie Bing when they have a question? anyone?

But with the Bing icon appearing in a subtle yet eye-catching way, it's a reminder that using Bing AI to write an email or quickly answer a question is just a tap away. . Or to make you more energetic when you lack energy. It's a small touch that can have big results in your day-to-day, so consider giving it a try.