5 Latest Features Impending to YouTube Premium
YouTube Premium offers excellent value for plutocrat, especially since it removes all advertisements from the platform. As part of your subscription, you get access to exclusive features like offline viewing, background playback, and more. And now, your YouTube Premium subscription just gets indeed better.

YouTube is adding five new features to its premium tier to further enhance your video viewing experience. Below is a roundup of all the new features you can enjoy using your YouTube Premium subscription.

1. Access Your Playback Queue From Your Device or Tablet
YouTube has long offered the capability to line vids for playback on the web. But this point was limited to web only and not available on mobile bias. Now, as part of your YouTube Premium subscription, you can produce a playback line on your phone or tablet.

With queuing, you can set multiple videos for playback one after the other, ensuring that your viewing session is not interrupted by unwanted videos.

2. Continue Your Viewing Session Across All Devices
Continue Your Viewing Session Across All Devices
In thepre-smartphone period, you could only pierce YouTube through your computer or laptop. That is no longer the case, however, with YouTube consumption primarily on Android and iOSdevices.However, iPad and PC, your YouTube Premium subscription will make it easy to go back to the videotape you were watching, If you constantly switch between your Android smartphone.

While watching a video on your PC, you can go to the YouTube app on your smartphone and resume watching the same video from where you left it on your computer.

3. Watch YouTube Videos With Your Friends or Family
Got a great videotape on YouTube that you want to watch with your musketeers or family? YouTube will allow its decoration subscribers to host a Google Meet Watch Party session if you use an Android phone. Your musketeers and family members can join a Meet session and watch any videotape together.

At the time of writing, iPhone and iPad users cannot use this feature. However, that will change when YouTube rolls out Share Play support through FaceTime. If you didn't know, SharePlay lets you watch movies with your friends over a FaceTime call.

4. Enjoy Superior Video Quality
As part of your YouTube Premium subscription, you can enjoy streaming high- quality Full HD vids on your iPhone or iPad. YouTube is introducing a better bitrate 1080p streaming option called 1080p Premium. At the time of jotting, this resolution is available for compatible YouTube vids on iOS bias.

While the resolution will not change, a advanced bitrate will help ameliorate videotape quality, especially those with a lot of stir and detail.

If you have access to a fast and unlimited Wi-Fi connection or mobile data, use the enhanced 1080p option to enjoy watching videos in high quality. If you've been considering canceling your YouTube Premium subscription, this feature alone will make you reconsider your decision.

In its announcement on the YouTube blog, the company noted that it plans to bring a similar high-bitrate streaming option to the web as an experimental feature.

5. You Can Now Use Smart Downloads on YouTube Premium
As part of your YouTube Premium subscription, you can already download videos for offline playback. But you may not always know when you are left without access to an Internet connection. This is where YouTube Premium's new Smart Download feature will come in handy.

You Can Now Use Smart Downloads on YouTube Premium
When connected to Wi- Fi, the YouTube app on your phone will automatically download recommended content grounded on your playback history for offline viewing. You can set the quantum of storehouse space and videotape quality in which vids will be downloaded using Smart Downloads.

These new features help make the YouTube Premium subscription worth the price.

Make The Most Of Your YouTube Premium Subscription
The new YouTube Premium features are a welcome addition to the paid tier of the platform. This helps justify why you should pay for YouTube for more than just an ad-free video viewing experience.