Why Spotify Live Is Now Officially Deceased?
Spotify made a incursion into the live audio request with Club contender Spotify Live. The company's accession of Bell Labs in March 2021 made the music streaming mammoth the new proprietor of the Live Audio app Locker Room. The Locker Room was latterly renamed the Spotify Green Room in June 2021, before a final rebrand to Spotify Live in April 2022.

Unluckily for those who loved the platform, just a many times after its launch, Spotify is shutting down Spotify Live for good in 2023. This is the reason.

Spotify Is Officially Shutting Down Spotify Live
According to a statement shared with Music Ally via email, Spotify is officially shutting down Spotify Live. "After experimenting and learning about how Spotify users interact with live audio, we've decided to shut down the Spotify Live app," a Spotify spokesperson said, according to the publisher.

Spotify Is Officially Shutting Down Spotify Live
As a result of the news, Spotify is informing all Spotify Live druggies about its unborn via an in- app announcement. Upon opening the app, druggies are saluted with a announcement that the app is shutting down on April 30, 2023. still, it added that druggies can produce and join apartments indeed before the wind- down date.

Why Spotify Is Shutting Down Spotify Live?
The drastic decision to shut down Spotify Live after the official rebranding in April 2022 seems drastic, but the music streaming giant has a reason.

In the same email, a Spotify spokesperson said, "We believe direct fan-to-creator interaction is the future in the Spotify ecosystem; however, based on our learnings, it is no longer possible as a stand-alone app. Doesn't make sense."

Note that Spotify integrated Spotify Live features into the main app in April 2022.

Another possible reason for the shutdown that the company won't mention is that the craze around live audio (a trend that emerged with Clubhouse in March 2020) is fading. Since it launched in 2020, Clubhouse has become so popular that it has prompted many tech companies to launch live audio features on their platforms, including Spotify, Facebook, Twitter, and Reddit.

Why Spotify Is Shutting Down Spotify Live?
But as consumer adoption of live audio begins to wane in 2022 due to the clubhouse's rapid decline, companies have either scaled back or abandoned such live features.

For example, Twitter shut down Twitter Spaces, Facebook reduced its investment in live audio features, and Reddit shut down Reddit Talks. For the same reason, Spotify also ended production of some of its original live audio shows in 2022. Given the new reality, the shrinking live audio market makes sense for Spotify to shut down its standalone app.

Spotify Isn't Giving Up On Live Audio Just Yet
Even with Spotify Live shutting down, Spotify isn't giving up on live audio entirely. Spotify still believes artist-focused listening parties are the future, and the company has promised to continue exploring the idea as a way to bring artists and their fans closer together through live interaction.

"We've seen promising results in the artist- concentrated use trial of' listening parties,' which we'll carry on with to explore moving ahead to grease alive relations in the middle of artists and suckers," a Spotify prophet told Music Ally."

Still, there are plenitude of social audio apps you can try, If you can not stay for Spotify.

Watch your favorite Spotify Live shows as Podcasts on Spotify
Spotify Live is shutting down, but you can continue to listen to some of the original shows as podcasts on Spotify's main app. Search Live on Spotify and select Live on Spotify from the search results. On the next page, Spotify will display various shows that are available as podcasts that you can listen to at your convenience.