How to track a lost android device that is locked?
Losing a device is one of the usually devastating feelings, especially considering how continually of our lives we store digitally on them, including our contacts, wallets, and alike Car keys. If your phone was password protected, you can breathe a tentative sigh of relief.

There are clear services that assist you locate a lost Android cell phone by pinging its GPS location. But what if your cell phone is switch off? Can you still track it down?

Can You Track a Cell Phone That Has Been Switch Off?
Short respnse - yes; Long reply, it confide on how long it's been closed. Your phone stops communicating with cell towers when it's swtich off, which is also true for all GPS activity. You urgency to act fast to exceed your chances of finding your device.

If your phone is stolen, filing a police report can thrive your chances of finding it using your phone's IMEI number. Luckily, there are steps that will assist you locate a lost cell phone even if it's swtich off.

Use Track My Device to Locate your Android Device
Each Android device linked to a Google account can be find through Google's find My Device service. It works similar to Apple's Find My app and allows you to not only ping your lost Android device, but also lock or erase its contents.

  1. Go to Google's Search My Device website on a computer or other device.
  2. Sign in to the same Google account that you have on your stolen or lost device.
  3. You can see synced devices on the left, including your lost cell phone with its last known location on the right.

Use Track My Device to Locate your Android Device
Assuming your cell phone is swtich off, you'll only be suitable to watch the location where it last pinged Google. This may be enough if your phone is lost rather than stolen. In case someone finds your device and swtich it on, you can easily ping, lock or workshop erase it using Find My Device.

Track your Steps Using the Google Maps Timeline
Another genius method to search your lost cell phone is to watch where you've been with Google Maps' timeline. Along so much trust that we place in our phones to navigate and trackk directions, there's a good coincidience that Google Maps has a detailed history of where your phone has been—unless Your device must have location history enabled in Google Maps

The Google Maps timeline shows every direction you've taken and each shop you've visited. Although this is not its intended use case, it is a great way to look your lost or absent Android device.

  1. On a computer or device, open Google Maps and sign in to your Google Account.
  2. Click on the menu icon and Choose Your Timeline from the options. This will bring up a timeline perspective of your current outings.
  3. To narrow your find, Elect the date you lost your device using the drop-down menu.
  4. By retracing your steps, you can eventually locate the place where you lost your device.

Track your Steps Using the Google Maps Timeline
Track Your Device Using Third-Party Apps
If you don't use Google Maps on your device continually and have lame background data for it, you perhaps won't be able to locate your cell phone using Google's services.

Fortunately, there are still some apps and services that continuously ping your last known location. Snapchat is a great model of this. Since you can see someone's location on Snapchat, if you have the option enabled for your account, you can query your friends to check your last whereabouts.

If you shoot a lot of photos and use Google Photos to back them up, you can access your new photos from another device and check the photo details for that location. where they were taken. Again, you'll necessity to turn on the location authority in the camera app.

Track Your Device Using Third-Party Apps
Try to think of another app on your phone that might be storing your last known location. In dire times like this, every last bit of information is useful.

Search Your Lost Android Device
Finding a lost or stolen device can be nerve-wracking, but with these helpful location services, you have a better coincidence of finding it. Getting help from the police is always an authority that will greatly thrive your chances of tracking your lost cell phone.

Of course, losing a precious piece of technology is only one side of the coin. With your phone gone, your private details, banking information, contacts and work documents are at stake. The faster you search it, the better.