How to Unite Your Xbox Series X|S to Your Mobile Device?
The Xbox Series X| S and Xbox One consoles are veritably protean, and you can use your Xbox as further than just a home press. With the remote features, you can also turn your smartphone into an Xbox regulator, as long as you have the Xbox app.

But how do you connect your smartphone to your Xbox Series X|S or Xbox One, and what exactly is needed? Let's find out.

How to Turn On Xbox Series X|S Remote Features?
Before connecting your Xbox Series X| S, or Xbox One, to your smartphone or tablet, you urgency to double check that your Xbox has remote features enabled.

Xbox also allows you to customize your Xbox Series X| S powersettings.However, you will not be suitable to use all the remote features for your press, so it's worth checking that your Xbox is set to Sleep before continuing, If your Xbox is set to Shutdown.

With your Xbox set to sleep, you can authorize all accessible remote features on your Xbox Series X| S on Xbox One by subsequent these way

  • Press the Xbox button to unlock the guide menu on your Xbox.
  • Select Settings from Profile and System Options.
  • options for Profile and system, select Settings
  • Highlight Devices and Connections, and select Remote Features.
  • xbox series x-devices and connections settings
  • Make sure Enable Remote Features is enabled.
  • xbox series x-remote features

With remote features enabled, you can start using Xbox features from devices other than your console, such as casting from your smartphone to your Xbox One or Xbox Series X|S.

Still, connecting your smartphone to your Xbox Series X| S, or Xbox One, via the Xbox app requires a many further way.

How to Use the Xbox App to Connect Your Xbox Series X|S to Your Device?
To connect your Xbox Series X| S or Xbox One to your smartphone, you urgency to make sure you have the right Xbox operation. Luckily, you can install the Xbox app on Android device and iPhone to the other Google Play and the App Store.

After the Xbox app is installed, open it on your smartphone and sign in to your Xbox account. From here, follow these steps to connect your Xbox to your smartphone:

  • Highlight My Library and select Consoles.
  • Select an option to Get Started.
  • Select an option to Get Started
  • Choose Add an existing console.
  • Press Next to continue.
  • Select Add an existing console
  • Turn on your Xbox console and sign in to the same account that has the Xbox app.
  • Your Xbox Series X|S or Xbox One will prompt you to set up the remote feature. Elect Enable.
  • Set up remote features. Select Enable.
  • Finally, Choose Test Remote Play.
  • Test Remote Play

After the test is complete, the Xbox app on your smartphone will ask you to give your console a name. Name your Xbox, and you're smartphone and Xbox will connect successfully.

Give your console a name
With remote features enabled and your phone connected to your Xbox, you can remote play on your smartphone, set up an external remote for your Xbox, or manage your Xbox and its games and apps. Ready for it.

Get More From Your Xbox and Escalate the Ways You Can Play
Now that you have an Xbox and a smartphone connected, you can access the remote features for your console at any time, as long as you have your smartphone with you.

But there are many other ways you can use the remote features on Xbox, and other features that allow external devices to sync with your gaming experience.